Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Work

Over the weekend, we had a crew of folks from Outback Steakhouse come through. Most of them had some sort of construction experience and helped out on a couple of our projects. Luc was hanging doors when the Outback guy (sorry I never got your name) showed up and said, "I've been a contractor since 1971." Hmm, I think we can use you ... so Luc got some help hanging the doors and he was pleased.

Brian also got a crew for Mr. George's house. Brian Deubert does our framing and rough carpentry work. He was ecstatic to have a couple burly men who had lots of framing experience work with him on the house. That house needs a lot of tender loving care. By tender, we mean really tender. Lots of jacking, installing headers, and getting the load from the roof to the floor without having the rafters sag like wet spaghetti noodles. Unfortunately, again, I didn't get to see the folks this weekend - I was too busy getting whooped on the soccer field - but I did see the results of their work this morning.

Brian was happy to have learned a lot from his crew and to have some pretty serious work done to Mr. George's house. The floor was leveled (the one in the photo) and lots of new wood was installed. The frame looks like its coming along. I'm excited. We've had Mr. George on our books as a client needing lots of help for a long time. It's great to get him to the point that electrical, plumbing, heating & AC, and mechanical can all come through to do their thing.

The next challenge for Mr. George isn't necessarily finding the skilled labor, it's finding the funding. He's pretty much run through his FEMA money and his insurance money. Sheli, our case manager, has been with Mr. George from the beginning. It's tough to only be able to help a little, but she's not going to let Mr. George slip through the cracks.

Thanks Outback for the help! Thanks Sheli and Brian for keeping with Mr. George.

:: Chris ::

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