Monday, September 25, 2006

Snake in a Bucket

We began developing the concept for a sequel to the much heralded film, Snakes on a Plane. We're calling it Snakes in a Bucket. Well, there was really only one snake in the bucket. Out and John Henry Beck, Karissa and company continue to prepare the community garden plots for an early October planting. Reinforced by a new NCCC team, the plots have been double dug much faster than with the skeleton crew of two or three park regulars.

While investigating where and how to handle an extension to the current irrigation system, there was some excitement by one of the trees on the north side of the park. Guillermo, Karissa, and Brandon found a garden snake. Wow! The rebuild of the park has brought back residents and wildlife!

It was a beautiful green and orange. Too bad I didn't have the camera to get a photo. The one day. Ah well. Brandon tried to play Crocodile Hunter and grab the snake by its tail. When it wrapped around his arm, he let go. Guillermo ran to get a bucket - hence the name for the sequel. When the snake was safely in the bucket, we brought it around to show all the other folks working at the park.

Ali wanted to start Hands On Snakes. I said, "No." Animal Rescue Ben (Waldman), who tirelessly traps cats at night to get them help, who has campaigned to have pets microchipped, who rescued 27 puppies from death in Jackson County, said, "I don't do snakes!" and ran away screaming ... actually, he didn't run away, he just walked away and said, "I do small animals."

So that was our fun at the park. A beautiful snake on a beautiful day.

:: Chris ::

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