Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holey Schmoley

This camp ready to throw down on September 29th. Tonight's EMERGENCY DANCE PARTY was but a fortaste of the scope of our upcoming prom. Im gonna start stretching and trying out new dance moves in the bathroom mirror when nobody is looking. Im going to find ways to freak out like i've never freaked out before. I'll learn the worm. Im gonna not speak for 3 days before the prom so I can sing every last word of every radical tubular song that Dr. G pumps out at the top of my rested lungs and voice box. Im gonna get the biggest, poofiest dress there ever was and make my hair go in directions only the Super Mega Aqua Net can control. Has it ever happened before? Dunno. Is it going to rock? Si, senor. Claro. We are going to Degrassi Jr. High. We are Thriller. We are pre-crack Whitney. There may not be a Delorian in the lot but via transcendental medition we will spontaneously create a fleet of them. 88mph and 1.21 GWhz into the most stellar party that Biloxi has ever witnessed. Be there or be skwair.
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