Friday, September 08, 2006

Clockin' lots uh dollahs

Well, my day is never really exciting, but today was a bit of an exception. After waiting months, literally, for the permanent tags for our cars, they arrived today! I was the only one excited about the plates, but that's OK. It's my job to get excited about the little stuff.

I didn't even get a chance to check on the progress at the Thorton's house today. Tomorrow ... after the Mud Run that Erika plans to do. ...

Hmm, boring entry because I spent my day working on an org chart and then spent my evening sifting through financial data that tells us how we spent our money. It's kinda interesting to look at the numbers. Despite not really wanting to do this stuff, I know I have a knack for it and I actually enjoy playing with databases. I found using Access much easier for manipulating the data than Excel! Any computer geeks out there want to comment?

Bottom line is that it's not cheap to run a place like this. ... I wish people with interesting stories would blog ...

:: Chris ::

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