Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well Blue 6 left this morning. Warriors may not be on time and they may not be able to spell, but they sure can work! They also write haikus ... at least Tori did. In addition to leaving us blue milk, a huge wooden warrior W held upon the loft wall with a chain, and pictures of the team with their warrior names, Tori left us a collection of her haikus, read at various dinners.

the drywall darlings
playing limbo at Craig's house
one grand sheet rock day

to me your humphrey
sheet rockin at craig's house, yea
you are the mad note

maeve mudding master
taking red 6 under your arms
put some soft rock on

detail work today
playing dodgeball with great stuff
estrogen rematch

hands on where i be
mudding and dry walling, too
i'll miss it no doubt

Thanks, Tori!!

:: Chris ::

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