Sunday, September 03, 2006

A good day to mud

This isn't really my project to comment on, but I'm going to do it anyway. It provides a little balance to Marco's commentary on interesting, yet not-project related activities.

For those of you new to the blog, this is an open forum for people at Hands On Gulf Coast to write their thoughts about any of the experiences they have down here.

That said, it's time to write about the Thorton house. The East Biloxi Coordination Center received a grant from an "anonymous" donor that everyone knows is [censored].

Pat Thorton and his wife live at 282 Graham Ave and are among the first families to receive money and labor to turn their house from a gutted shell into a fully functional home. Luc Lamarche (pictured above), son of the beloved Yvon Lamarche, is the site supervisor who has put his all into the project. Since the framing inspector gave the final OK on Wednesday last week, Luc has led the Warriors, NCCC team Blue 6 from Charleston, on a grueling journey of installing insulation, hanging dry wall, taping, and mudding.

I've simply been documenting the progress in the house. It's very, very exciting to see the bare studs turn into dry wall. Luc and his crew have put in long hours, but manage to maintain their excitement and enthusiasm for the project. What's exciting for me is that this will be the first of many houses we'll rehab in the course of the next year.

Chris (a.k.a., de Veer!)

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Pearl said...

thank you Americorps workers!!!