Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hippie Tom

Wild Bill is another one of those charachters. You know, like Hippie Tom.

Hippie Tom was kind've a hippie. As he told everyone he met, he was somehow making money by going to graduate school for engineering. He was late twenties, shoulder-length hair, and from an affluentish Salt Lake City family. He absolutely despized liberal arts education. He really liked to work, he really liked to drink, and he really liked to complain. He also really liked tie-dye shirts, hitch-hiking, backpacking, wandering, and the Greatful Dead; that's where the "hippie" in "Hippie Tom" comes from. He really only got along with me. Nobody else cut him enough slack.

I can see how Mikenificent (aka Bearded Mike, aka Attorney Mike) might have had reason to not want to have anything to do with Hippie Tom; Mike related to me how he would not be able to fall asleep easily after Hippie Tom would crawl into his adjacent tent after telling Mike how much he (Tom) hated him. But Hippie Tom said that to everyone. Hippie Tom was never quite able to work out the delicate balance between working, "playing hard," and having to get up in the morning.

I've been told by Richie [f-word-ing] Wilson that I'm the second craziest person he ever met, second only to Estock, a crazy, Ayn-Rand-ish former-Soviet-Bloc civil-engineer who designed square buildings with no windows.

Wild Bill is just Wild Bill. He's wild. If he didn't drink a double-handful cocktail of solvents used to clean a floor of paint, I would really have no justification for why he's crazy. But he is crazy... in a likable way.

Wild Bill is friends with Fat Matt, which is a funny name.

Wild Bill looks forward to becoming certified to spray boric acid on the frames of gutted, sanded former/future homes. If there was one person I could choose to be in charge of spraying acid regularly, it'd be Wild Bill. After all, he was a KILZ paint-spraying master. He could weather a backfiring paint gun that left his face saturated with mold-killing primer like no one else. He said that it burns the eyes-- yeah, I'll bet it does.

Back to Hippie Tom... Animal Rescue Ben was in New Orleans recently, and he ran into Hippie Tom. I've long known that Hippie Tom was running his own one-man relief show by squatting at a former utilities plant. I've been wondering how he's doing. Apparently, as could be expected.

Animal Rescue called to Hippie Tom, who trotted up to Ben and greeted him. After a few niceities, Hippie Tom lifted up his shirt to reveal three fresh, inflamed wounds. "Look at this. I got stabbed three times the other day!" Hippie Tom then let his shirt fall back down and said "Yeah, that kinda thing happens 'round here. Well, I gotta go. Later."

I'm glad Hippie Tom's still kickin'. He guarantees a good weekend in New Orleans for $20. If you want his e-mail address, send me an e-mail.

The Mr. Thorton of "The Thorton House" used to play old-time-country music and bluegrass professionally. His "band's" played live for us a couple times. I used Animal Rescue's computer to record the last one. Everyting was just right about the recording with the exception that he may have set the sample rate to one fourth of the original quality. You can hear the recording at the link below. Cut and paste. The top one is a single mp3. The bottom one is a series of mp3s by track zipped together.

Oh yeah, Bicycle Ben got a new electric guitar. He got a super-sweet, brand new setup for $700. His guitar can be played acousticly for practicing ( and he has this awesome little vacuum tube amp. You know, the kind you're supposed to overdrive. Bicycle plays alotta Johnny Cash. seems to be super-sweet for one-click file hosting. There's more of them:

I'm sorry I've ever used yousendit. Hopefully these are downloadable and much easier / faster to dowload.

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