Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I didn't know what to write (EDP)

I spent a few minutes writing some stuff about the great work that happened today. Blue 6 Warriors finished dry walling Craig's house, we looked at some new work, we removed a huge (600+ lbs) concrete block from one of the garden plots, and we got most of the green house finished. I wondered how I would make this interesting and fun ...

Then I went inside for the second round of the music tournament. See, at dinner, Dr. G started the third music tournament. That sentence gives Dr. G. so little credit for the amazingly creative idea of an 80's music tournament, with advancement and voting modeled after World Cup soccer groups, in which the winning song will become the 80's prom song.

The first round of the tournament was fine. Decent music, close results. The second round, mind blowing. It was like watching the Brazilian national team play soccer against the Biloxi High School junior varsity team. Though I (finally) chose a good song for the tournament - Talkin' in your sleep by the Romantics - I was summarily trounced by Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Total Eclipse is a Dan Sherman and Dr. G. song. They sing the duet. It was rousing beyond belief. So much so, that they both acknowledged it was blatant cheating - like Diego Maradona's Hand of God goal in one World Cup. Everyone in the main hall was dancing, singing, or writhing (on the clean floor ... thanks Monica!) with musical passion. Even I, stoic, bean counting de Veer who was once asked, "Do you ever laugh?" couldn't help but sing along.

The song also eclipsed the arrival of the new NCCC team. Imagine if you just walked into your second spike and you see a bunch of young volunteers singing 80's music and dancing around with unabashed enthusiasm and joy - we basically looked like party animals. What would you do? They just stood in the kitchen doorway dumbfounded. Astrid and I both saw stares of wonder ... wondering, "What the heck have I gotten myself into?"

By the end of the evening, though, they joined in the Emergency Dance Party that had been declared. After the tournament songs were played, Dr. G. continued to spin sweet tunes of 80s goodness. We just kept on rockin' on.

After the dance energy was spent, he tallied the scores. Landslide. Of a possible 99 maximum points (33 voters times 3 points max for voters top vote), Total Eclipse received 88. Of the total points available (198, 6 points per voter times 33 voters), Total Eclipse took 44%. That's ridiculous. How does the statistician explain such an anomaly? The performance. Dan and Dr. G. simple stole the votes.

Awesome night. Glad the new NCCC team is here and we're glad they got to see a genuine Hands On moment.

:: Chris ::

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