Thursday, September 21, 2006

The little stuff

Last night I was struggling for a blog post until the EDP happened. I just struggled to write some boring stuff about dealing with money here at Hands On - like how tedious it is to deal with receipts, etc. - but a random thought interrupted me.

We've had a bit of a shift in eating over the past two months. Rather than get all our food from Winn Dixie, which is super expensive, we've gone with a wholesaler. The quality of the food has not met the high standard of volunteers who lived under the wonderous cullinary concoctions of some very creative cooks, but we've made improvements and strides. Tonight's dinner, cooked by Monica, was awesome ... falafel, pita, grilled marinated chicken, yogurt sauce, feta-tomato-onion salad, and hummus ... mmmmmm ....

But even better is that Crystal, our kitchen overseer, found a produce vendor. We received our first shipment a couple days ago ... raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit, mushrooms ... ahhhhhhh.

The greatest joy has been watching the volunteers devour the box of kiwis. Folks will just gobble up a couple at a sitting, for snack, for dinner, for dessert. It's amazing how something so simple as fresh, tasty fruit can have such a huge impact on morale ... just look at this happy volunteer!

:: Chris ::

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