Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thorton's House, moving along

You know when you get a thumbs up from the site supervisor, you're doing a good job. As you can see, Luc is happy with the progress the team is making on Pat and Sandy Thorton's house.

Since mudding the house a couple days ago, the team has textured the walls, painted it with primer, painted two coats of finish paint, installed crown molding, and layed down the flooring.

Outside, Erika - our esteemed director - bought lots of dirt, mulch, and plants to make the outside look as beautiful as the inside. I was lucky enough to get to dig a hole and plant the Texas Sage plant.

In addition to the Hands On and AmeriCorps NCCC (Blue 6) volunteers working on the
house, the electrical contractor was in the house installing ceiling fans, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. At this point, I don't see big changes - like no walls to walls, no color to color - instead, I take pleasure in the small details.

It's neat to see the sockets ready for a face plate. In one room I noticed the plywood board and black plastic had been replaced with a window. "Who installed the window?" No one seemed to know. It must have been the window fairies.

Soon, we'll be hanging interior doors and finishing the crown molding. By mid-September, we hope to be done with the house and have the Thortons moved in by the end of the month!

:: Chris ::

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lou vedro lamborgio said...

Forgive me if i am wrong but are those walls Sunfish colored and is that Arizona Peach on the ceiling? Its beautiful.