Saturday, June 24, 2006

To blog or not to blog

I'm reminded frequently of the need to blog for Hands On, and I often sit and think that I should pitch in and whip something up. Then I quickly decide I wouldn't really know what to blog about. Hurricane camp is something that just about everyone should experience, and people never truly realize how much they needed to come down until they're already here. Many find the work to be extremely rewarding and the down time amazingly fun. People often ask if they think the situation down here ever becomes depressing because there's so much work to do and only so much one person can do, regardless of their length of stay. Rebuilding will be a long process, and no one is in denial about that. However, it's people finding whatever amount of time or money they can spare and coming down that prevents the situation from becoming bleak. The presence of volunteers in someone's home reminds them that people still care and their needs have not been forgotten. In my opinion, this often does far more than the physical labor that issupplied that day. So if you're wondering if this is something you could or should do, most likely the answer is yes to both of those questions.

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