Sunday, June 25, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

How would I describe my last night? Incredibly fun? Absolutely. Tinged with sadness? No doubt. What sort of event would fit this bill? A Hands On Going Away Celebration that combines the happiness of music and dancing with the soulfully felt loss of close friendships that have developed over the course of the past three months.

See, Blue 5 from Sacremento leaves tomorrow. They've been here a long time, so long, I don't even remember the day they arrived. That's beside the point. They've been here long enough to become part of the soul that makes this place what it is. They lead mold crews, they manage interiors, they recycle, they manage the finances and disbursements, they paint, they cut down trees, they manage the tool shed, and just add life, love, and flavor to the camp. I just can't say enough about how their loss affects us all.

But enough about them, remember, this blog is about me ...

The evening ended when the lightening and wind approached a bit too close for comfort. We quickly packed, ensured there were sober drivers, then headed on out. I took the scenic route back along the bay. Around Porter Ave, someone says, "You just missed the turn for 90." "Well, I wonder if we can keep going." Carolyn pipes up, "Yes, I'll tell you when to turn."

And so I drove ... and kept driving, right passed a sitting police car. "There's the police." Sh!t!, I didn't have my license.... "Oh sh!t! Are we on base {Keesler Air Force Base}?" Carolyn, "No." "Alright."

The barbed wire fence is what gave me the sneaking suspicion we were on base, even though we hadn't passed through a gate. The flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror confirmed it.
    "License, registration, and proof of insurance ..."
    "Well, sir. I don't have my license. These are brand new cars from Atlanta, so we don't even have the paper work on them ... but I do have the insurance card."
    "Step out of the car please and keep your hands where I can see them ..."
I won't go through all the details. Let's just say all the girls were a bit tipsy. I tell the MP (military police) my story about Hands On, what we do in the community, why the cars don't have license plates, blah blah blah. He goes to check my story out and comes back.

    "Now, I know you're not drunk. I thought I smelled something on your breath. But I looked in your eyes."
    "No, sir. I'm not. I have to be honest. I had a drink at 9pm." {It was 11.30 when we were pulled over}
    "Those girls, though ..." and he just smiled and laughed.
    "That's why I'm driving!"

He let us go. The girls thought it was a riot. They took the photos ...

Anyway, fun never stops. Back at base, we learn Dr. G-Llove and Paul also had an encounter with the police. That's there story, though.

:: Chris ::

P.S. In case there were vicious rumors about me having a breathalyzer test or having had to walk the line ... NOT TRUE!

P.P.S. I didn't have the mumps. Doctor told me I didn't on Tuesday. Yeah me! It was a bit of a vacation.

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