Monday, June 26, 2006

Team Lemonade

On Friday I led a crew in a new kind of assignment, to make social visits to community members that could use a listening ear. Immediate needs that required street teams are over, but the needs in the community for a connection between the volunteers and the residents are not.

My team of 3 set out, fresh lemonade in hand, to walk Nixon and Main, and check in on people we have served. It was an amazing day. The residents we met were open with us, and happy for a visit. They talked to us about living through the storm, about the conditions of their homes, and their plans in case of another hurricane. We stood in Anita's house - filled with white studs, and she talked about how happy she was to have everything she had - for all the groups that have come through and helped her out. It was humbling to see how thankful people were for what they had, and empowering to see how strong they were in the face of many struggles.

I'm looking forward to more days like this, maybe next time it will be team "sweet tea"

Elizabeth (Falcon)

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