Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tag Your Blogs all my Blog Compatriots....

My blog entries have pictures that I took, 'cause I rock.

So, we're all goin' to not be around in the literal sense someday. I mean, fully materially, anyway. I'm reading a book about genocide throughout the last 500 years-- it's a real upper! Sometimes I think that what we're doing in the Golf Coast is useless, and that I'm wasting my valuable short thime here on the Earth... but then again, I'd be hard-pressed to describe any useful actions I've encountered first-hand-- in short, Hurricane camp is roughly as good and productive as anything your average American would be able to come up with. Anyway, the afterlife is underrated.

Question of the day: Are 10,000 lbs of living mice worth more than 10,000 lbs of elephant?

Marco X (Utica, NY;; )

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