Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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We went out and played soccer before dinner and it was sooo much fun. I've never played soccer before, but I had a great time. We lost, I think, but I'm not really sure. And then we came back for dinner and it was pitas with falafel, and I am oh-so-very fond of falafel. But then I got to the food and oh, woe! oh, sorrow! no falafel! But then I saw there were still crumbs in the pan and it was good, especially since there were cookies and ice cream for dessert.

I caught a frog yesterday! It was in the shower, and I almost stepped on it. It had funny clingy little feet. The day before, I caught a marvelously fat toad in the parking lot. I never really see amphibians much back home, so this was pretty exciting for me. I ended up letting both of them go on the far side of the showers, so the puppies wouldn't find them. I love the puppies, but it would be sad if they caught the nice frogs.

I still haven't seen an alligator. I must go on an alligator hunt before I leave.

Talent show tomorrow! So excited! I want to perform, but I have no idea what I would do. Must think about this. Even just sitting and watching is very fun. I hope Nick twirls fire again!

I just signed up for mold tomorrow, and it will be my third time, so I'm going to get one of the coveted FIGHT MOLD! bracelets. Yay! Mold crew is fun because it's lead by fun people. Oh wait, that's work, and I wasn't going to write about work.

I love the way all the signs around this place have little smiley faces and positive messages along with their main idea. Right when I first got here, I sat down in the bathroom and was greeted with a cheerful, colorful sign which began, "Congratulations! You have chosen to use a rather tricky toilet, but don't be scared . . . "

Miss Rose gave me a book to read, because she saw me with a similar one and thought I might enjoy it. I love the way there are so many people here who do nice little things like that all the time. Only thing is, I don't have much time to read because my free time is spent listening to fascinating conversations.

La la la la la. Maybe I'll go wander around outside. It's a lovely night.

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