Friday, June 02, 2006

new post!

okay so im suppose to do a post because i have so much the time to do in the office. other than diverting my duties to solicit camelbak to donate paks so that people can be hydrated (of the utmost importance in hot hot mississippi) and trying misererably to unclog the overflowing toliet, i think i contribute much work here :) being a part of americorp has given me the chance, the opportunity be it no matter how cliche it sounds to serve the national community here in biloxi. its been great seeing progress and gives a cheesy sense of hope and recovery. albeit overwhelming it seems as if we are really helping improve life down here. its great. plus the commune cooking is very educational because people's cooking skillz are much appriciated. oh ya and there is bubble tea here in mississippi, who would have thunk. the vietnamese population is here high and this vietnamese person told me due to the similarity in weather to vietnam here. its hot and humind. very similar to miami where im from.

americorp*nccc member, charleston campus.

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