Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bunk Beds are Beautiful

Well, corporate sponsorship has its perks. Not only does Home Depot pay for a lot of tools we use to do work in the community, but FedEx stepped up and bought us a lot of bunk beds. 63 to be exact.

To be honest, no one was really excited about the bunk beds coming. The architects are worried about loading the loft floor and fire code stuff. The long termers were worried about their living space being cramped. I was worried about having to manage the beds when they came ...

As it turns out, the crack crew of cleaners and bunk bed assemblers under the leadership Animal Rescue Ben and Luc (I haven't thought of a good name for him) with layout assistance and forethought from Eric, along with mad painting skills from Andy, meant that I had to spend very little time doing much of anything with the process. I made a few spot checks here and there and everything was going swimmingly well.

And so, what I thought would be a horribly messy day, turned out to have only two real hiccups. Someone parked their car in the way of the semi, which meant he basically had to earn his pay check in manuevering the rig and trailer backwards out of the lot. And ... of course all the screws had a hex head and none of our screw guns had hex drivers ... a quick run to Home Depot (tadah!) saved the volunteers from assembling bunk beds with ratchets and wrenches!

Now, it's beautiful in the loft and the long termers have space! Yeah.

:: Chris ::

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