Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dozer in the Park

Well, luckily I haven't had to post in a while, but I feel like it's time again. Niko and John are working on John Henry Beck Park. These guys have been frustrated despite their best attempts to get the park moving along. Everything from unpurchased property to missing irrigation plans to unavailable bulldozers have brought the work to a grinding halt. ... until now!

Actually, it was a couple days ago that the bulldozer and back hoe arrive at the park. I missed the first day of earth moving, but I managed to arrive just before lunch on the second day. I arrived with the camera to take photos of boys with their toys.

I don't know if they know it, but my favorite thing in the world - almost - is to watch big machines move earth. When I was little, I loved driving by construction projects where graders leveled earth, dump trucks dumped things, and back hoes hoed stuff. I know that's quite vague and sappy, but that's OK. Seeing the boys playing with the dozer and back hoe made me remember how much I love the outdoor construction stuff.

What was super cool was that Niko showed me how to drive the dozer. Can you imagine the office geek in the cab of the dozer? Well, imagine it because he was there!

Even more fun though than riding in the jerky bulldozer was climbing into the tree to take a panoramic series shot from a stout limb. It felt good to take off my crumbling flip flops and let me bare feet touch the bark of the tree while trusting that my hands would grip the gnarls and knobs of the trunk. It wasn't so much that the height gave me a great perspective, it's more that climbing in the tree was fun and some how connected me to nature.

Too bad the moment was fleeting ... the boys were off to lunch and I needed to see the lab in Gulfport for some blood work. More to come on the results.

:: Chris ::

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