Tuesday, June 20, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things....

Why do I love Hurricane Camp so much??
That's kind of a loaded question and the answer is definately too long to express in a one minute good-bye speech after dinner. So instead of trying to put my feelings into actual words, I just cried. What can I say I'm a crier. I wish I could so eloquently express how I feel like others have, but I'd probably screw it up. This is what I wanted to say: "Soo, I'm not sure you guys know, but I'm kinda a big deal around here. I'm what they call the "Marshmellow Girl." And even though the campfire has died, I'd like to pass on my Marshmellow Wand, in hopes that the Hurricane Camp fire will burn in our hearts forever...."But I didn't say that, I just cried. I love this place so much but I haven't figured out what is it exactly that I love. I am so greatful for everything I have learned here; not only on how to rip down ceilings or how to properly use a crow bar or demold houses, but I've learned life lessons that I'll never forget. I've learned what is important in life. I've learned that you can be so truly happy living in a tent and showering outside. I've seen so much beauty in this destruction zone, it is unreal. Anyone would be crazy to not come back. I love this place. May the fire in all of our hearts live on forever!!

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Hands On Gulf Coast said...

Gabey, you're so stinking cute and we miss you already.