Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ode to Ye Worthy Martyred Soccer Goals

For thirty hours were you carefully nurtured in the womb.

For two hours you shined bright.

In fifteen minutes you were destroyed.

Chris... grant the small materials fee ($50 - $100) to build upon the prototypes, to build Aramando-spoken-of, Aramando-overseen 5-piece disassemblable goals made from notched wood and cargo nets like those more common in other countries; do so in the name of the glory of Soccer Goal #1 Alpha and Futbol Goal #1.5 beta.

Two unnamed, philosophically confused people were opposed to spending any money on soccer goals. However, as one who hasn't made a single unnecessary purchase in three months, I believe I have the expertise appropriate to be the unchallenged authority on this matter-- I have not spent any money in three months-- and I say it's a great investment. Kinda unlike leasing a car but not driving it becasue of a broken tail light.

I know, "Atlanta" will never approve it.

Well... if they took me 30 hours to make... and 20 people used them for two hours... I gain man-hours! Try that with a Capital exchange! How long did it take to build your house? Your car? How long did it take you to pay for it? Where's nationalization?

I just discovered that I can substitute 7 mayonnaise packets for an unkosher handful of expired candy bars at the Salvation Army.

Marco X (Utica, NY;; )

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