Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Hour of Original Sin

The industry in Biloxi is the Casino industry. Where I'm from, middle-aged Native American Tribal Counsel women were driven from their homes at gunpoint due to the shady dealings of some illegitimate, multimillionaire figurehead who had no actual authority within the Native population. This illegitimate figurehead took all the land for his grand casino, to which the social elite keep all the profits. Anyway, in Biloxi, it seems some rich folk discovered an old loophole in the Mississippi gambling law, which allowed gambling in a floating vessel. Come Hurricane Camile, the floating casinos were allowed to dock. Now, in the aftermath of Katrina, the Casinos are allowed to be hundreds of feet off the shore.

Some lovely, healthy young Hands On ladies recently decided to spend the evening of "the Lord's Day" at one of these Casino resorts. They planned on "pulling an all-nighter" and "consuming [some quantity of] alcohol." In addition, they would be "crashing in [some young gentlemens'] room," where they would engage in wild and illicit "quietly reading book[s]" and "watching cable television." Hmmm....... Sounds fun.....

Marco X (Utica, NY;; )

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KevnSexySexy said...

does that birth canal have a ladder?