Saturday, July 01, 2006

3 "R"s, 3 "S"s

Relief, Recovery, Rebuilding (Gulf Coast rebuilding slogan). Safe, Sanitary, and Secure (FEMA trailers).

It's been a while since I blogged and I narcissisticly miss my own awesomeness.

This morning I attempted to make a black-pepper barrier against an invading colony of micro-Ushers (fire ants).

Yesterday, I sorted through "artifacts"-- actually gift-store items that commemorate the "#$@& the Yankees" mentality -- at Jefferson Davis's last residence. Supposedly, the Hands On base is on property that was once part of the president of the confederacy's estate. Allegedly, many valuable civil war artifacts-- including Jefferson Davis's fine china-- were left in his house and washed out to sea during Katrina. This to me seems like a scam. All the stuff was obviously sold on the black market and insurance collected on the "destroyed materials."

We've made a raft. I want to make a miniature cabin / fort. I also want to make a swimming pool. And some more picnic tables. Also, I'm going to suggest an outdoor laptop internet cafe initiative.

Currently, I'm reading-- you know, before bed and during lulls in the day-- about the historical and continued genocide of the tens of millions of Native Americans-- the land of Jefferson Davis or the land of Native Americans? The univeristy I attended is one of the few elite institutions where the land was donated by Native Americans specifically for the institution-- Cheif Skennandoa is buried there.

I just read about this awesome tribe, the Chickasaws, that got muskets from the English and totally stood up to French agression here in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I have to write a number-one-quality hit song. I was thinking about a hip-hop tribute to the Chickasaws, but I don't want to offend anyone.

When I finish my light reading, it's on to Freud. Good ol' Freud. Once I have extensively studied Freud, I'll psychoanalyze all the blog postings. Yay psychoanalysis!

Marco X (Utica, NY;; )

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KevnSexySexy said...

i have an unbelievably strong interest in hearing a hip-hop tribute to the Chicasaw.