Tuesday, July 25, 2006

life lessons at hurricane camp

today is the end of my 8 weeks at hurricane camp
alot has happend and a lot will continue to happen even after i'm gone
i think there is an amazing opportunity to grow and learn down here
there are amazing people
people that don't judge, work tirelessly, and give unconditionally to the community around them
i am blessed to have many of these people
it amazes me the amount of good caring people here
when you wathc the news and you see descrution in the middle east and fighting in africa
and all the other horriable things going on the world
you really wonder is there any good
well its here in biloxi mississippi
its people from all over the country
who want nothing more than to help people get back to thier "normal" daily routines
we call life
these volunteers are really amazing and continue to fight the good fight
without reward or even expecting a thank you
they do this becasue they want to and they care
thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing group
and teaching so much about people, life and myself
i have learned things here that no other place could teach me
thank you

love you
love your work

jessica b

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