Sunday, October 01, 2006


OK. So this past weekend we had a slow down for reflection, team building, cleaning, and relaxing. Some volunteers have been at Hands On for a few days shy of one year. Others have been around for a bunch of months. The nature of the operation has changed from the fast-paced gutting and demolding to more measured building and community capacity building. It was time to accept this change and share experiences.

As part of this weekend, we had an 80's prom. There was an earlier post about the genesis of the idea for prom. Well, on the 20th, Dr. DJ G-double-el-mo, showed the world what was in store musically over the next few weeks. An 80's music tournament, where the winning song would be the song that the prom king and queen danced to.

Between the 20th and the 30th of September, when we had prom, there was a flurry of activity. With the theme, Love in the Eye of the Storm, committees formed to decorate, make food, manage a budget, set up, clean up, and take photos. Volunteers began raiding America's Thrift store on Pass Rd for appropriate 80s attire. This was a Hands On event that would be spared no effort to make it awesome.

As prom night drew near, anticipation grew. People raced to find prom dates and finalize costumes. Then there were hair do's. The whole nine yards. The day of prom coincided with the massive base clean up. The folks who worked on the prom tent tied together two army tents, hung a disco ball, flashing lights, had a smoke machine, and a DJ booth. Astrid, lead on the decorations committee, printed movie posters and album covers from hot 80s hits. Top Gun, Huey Lewis and the News, Madonna, and others graced the olive green walls of the tent. Dead branches and plastic bags decorated the ceiling. Dr. G-mo-money spent a few hours with Mr. Dan the Happy Man whittling down a 9 hour play list to just quintessential songs filling 3 hours.

After a tasty dinner, folks started arriving in the tent. After a few minutes, I began taking portraits of couples and groups in front of the artistically awesome backdrop that Mr. Mural Dan created. I can't tell you how much fun it was to see the groups just ham it up in front of the camera.

I have no words to describe the pure bliss and happiness that everyone found on prom night. It was a night of clean, unadulterated fun where everyone let loose on the dance floor, singing, and just having a great time. Luc role played the bad boy silent type, aloof from the prom activities. Girls like Carrie and Kate swooned over Luc's coolness. Beau brought his NCCC team who had a blast dancing up the floor. We were even joined by Silver 2 folks - Jennifer, Alex, Eric, and Vanessa. Even Gary, the church secretary showed up!! He was awesome and after an hour of dancing, he gave us permission to have the party until 11.30!!!

By far, prom night was the most fun and best night I've had since I came to Hurricane Camp in January. I have to give mad props where props to the musical genius and magic of DJ Dr. G-mo-mold and his side-kick, Mr. Diesel D. Everyone put in tons of effort, but music is the soul of this camp. Guillermo's and Dan's effort unleashed the passion and spirit in everyone, making an unforgettable night.

:: Chris ::

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