Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blue 6, Departed

Well, it's a few days late, but Blue 6 departed on 26 Sep 2006. There are many beloved teams, but few teams leave behind such fond memories as the huge Warrior W, blue milk, and photos of the team. Ah Blue 6, it's not the same without you!!!

I barely remember which days the NCCC teams arrive. Unfortunately, Blue 6 arrived around the time three other teams did. Though we had a mixer with two teams, it took a while for me to get to know them. I think pretty much everyone would agree - I know Luc would - that Blue 6 developed and gel'd as a team when we took on the Thornton's house project. They hit the drywalling, taping, mudding, painting, and finishing work as if there were no tomorrow. You could not ask for a better work ethic!

From the office, to the kitchen, to the tool shed - sorta, Tony, your paperwork left a lot to be desired, despite your gusto for building! :) - to the tool shed, to the job site, the Warriors got it done in style with a smile.

Blue 6 left us with a number of mementos. There are photos of them in New Orleans strategically placed around the building - in front of the men's urinal, the door in the office, the door going outside, the refrigerator, and the ice maker. It seemed as if they had no faith that we at Hands On would remember them. How could we forget you? My favorite going away present, though was the blue colored milk. What a riot! And people drank it, too!

It's only been a week, but it feels like an eternity. No one reads haikus any more and no one calls me "daveers".

Best of luck to yall - Tori, Tony, Dan, David, Mary, Crystal, Jessica, Danielle, Tyler, and Abby - on your next spikes. We can't wait until you're back here in Biloxi! :)

:: Chris ::

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