Friday, May 19, 2006

So today was a good one. Hurricane Camp continues to fascinate and amaze me.
Things have been going pretty well. Of course there are the growing pain of an organization and the stuff that you always face when trying to herd cats, but then those bizarre Hurricane Camp moments occur. Maybe it's the guy that stands up and says that this time last year he was getting a kidney transplant and right now (even with all that trauma of dealing with that) he cannot think of any other place he would want to be to celebrate the rebuilding of his body. How do you quantify that? How do you chart the smiles and waves of the residents you get when you drive down the street with the Hands On Gulf Coast magnet on the car?
Well, as i have been told again and again you don't. What you do is bring it into your mind and saver all that. Use it to charge you when you get up in the morning and drawn from it when you just can't get the recourses right now that you want to help the rebuilding.
So we keep going and doing it all because in an odd slant of the word it makes sense.

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