Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hands on moves ahead

The Moss Point health clinic project is chaotically beautiful. Just the other night I stayed out painting until 3:30am with Andrew "Nebraska" Tipton. Practically living in Moss Point, most of us have developed an insane enthusiasm for the "awful, awful." Nate and Paul and the rest of us start everyday fresh, oblivious to the trailers full of impending frustrations. Perhaps this is because the project is so tangible and fulfilling. Locals frequently stop by and ask when it will be opened. Hopefully we will have it ready by Wednesday. We wouldn’t be close to finishing, if it were not for our new Americorp from West Seneca. They are breathing new life into Hands On at a crucial time. Their excitement and commitment to disaster relief is giving the remaining longtermers the motivation they need to keep moving ahead.


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