Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Home Depot

Well, with the boss away, I wound up being the one who got to go to Home Depot to buy stuff for people. It's pretty interesting to see the diversity of stuff that you need to run a volunteer relief organization. There's stuff like 1000lbs of concrete for the park, or maybe it's 1600 rags for the mold crew to wipe down houses when they're done demolding, or maybe it's a bunch of replacement screw bits, or maybe it's 6mm, 100' long, 10' wide sheets of black plastic that we'll use to seal houses.

Anyway you look at it, I was really getting to know Home Depot on Cedar Lake Road. I almost felt like I knew employees in the departments, especially when I made two runs in the same day. I wanted to ask, "You remember me?"

The amusing part of one of my runs was when I was asking about bottles of Pine Sol cleaner. The guy in the paint department asked, "What are you cleaning?" "Oh, it's for a mold work shop." "Ha ha! I thought you were a college student with a nasty landlord making you do a lot of cleaning."

OK, well, maybe it's not so funny, but it made that trip to Home Depot amusing.

Hopefully, someone else will write something more interesting soon ...

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