Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Animal Rescue Update

Due to my lack of public speaking skills I thought it would be beneficial to start blogging more often about my work. About a week ago John "Wild Man" Wildeman and myself went on a 22 hour animal transport to Denver, Colorado where they would be picked up and driven to Seattle to finish out their journey. It was probably the most stressful and chaotic one to date. The animals were provided by the Waveland Animal Shelter and the LSPCA. The conditions of the Waveland Shelter have always been a topic of interest when conversing with other animal rescuers so I prepared myself for the worst possible situations. We were able to transport 61 animals out of MS and LA which is fantastic (it would have been 62 but we lost a 5 week old kitten mid transport due to reasons unknown). Unfortunately, most of the transport had acquired either kennel cough or upper respiratory infections which was something I had expected since most of the animals I was given had started out the trip sick. Other than that the remaining 61 had made it to Seattle safely and were given another chance at finding loving owners. This transport left me a little more disheartened about my work but at the same time inspired to continue my pursuit to make a difference.

On a lighter note, currently I am fostering three puppies and five kittens of all different ages. The puppies were sort of a "gift" from the Waveland shelter when they were trying to transport them even though they were showing signs of Parvo. However, only one of them tested positive for parvo and was treated immediately. So hopefully the other two remain healthy because parvo is a rather pricey treatment. The pups are going to be transported to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I am positive they will be adopted out in the first week... they're adorable.
Two of the kittens that I'm fostering were found at Ms. Ethel's by Quincy. After a bath and an hour of brier and tick pulling they are doing well and will start in a foster home next week. Then there's stegosaurus who is a 3 week old kitten I've been bottle feeding since she was 2 days. She's louder than ever but she's alive and will be having her first doctors visit sometime this week. Lastly, I still have Sid Vicious and the Beast two kittens from the litter of five I bottle fed. They're adjusting pretty well to living in a house and they received their first vaccinations last week. Hopefully I can find them homes sometime soon but they might have to be transported up North if nothing else.

With Black Puppy, Marley, and Frankenstein to top off the bunch we've got quite the house full. There's never a dull moment...

TNR is going...well, it's never been the most interesting topic but... I've been wrangling some cats so.. that's cool. As for our disaster preparedness program I've been fighting through it and hopefully I will have a better grasp of things in the weeks to come.

I'll keep you posted.