Friday, February 15, 2008

Brian, Eddie, Sheli

Today was Brian Deubert's, Eddie Sherman's, and Sheli McNeill's last day with Hands On Gulf Coast. They all contributed immensely to the success of Hands On Gulf Coast during the course of their tenure with us.

Sheli joined us in April 2006, working quietly as a case manager, helping residents recover identity documents, get FEMA trailers, and get materials to rebuild their homes. Sheli was instrumental in preparing and executing the successful Guiding Light project in January 2007. After successfully tackling that challenge, Sheli stepped up to be the AmeriCorps Program Coordinator for Building. She worked tirelessly during her time with us.

Brian arrived in June 2006. He quickly began helping with the fledgling, ad hoc construction work Hands On was struggling to get into. Between various other volunteers, Brian helped roof houses, build Mr. Thornton's house, and work on Mr. George's. He was the Stud House leader when Guiding Light came. Under the tutelage of Eddie, Brian continued to grow in his chosen craft of carpentry.

Eddie arrived in September 2006. Brother of Dan Sherman, Eddie arrived for a couple weeks, but was immediately drawn into the culture and life of Hands On. He began by helping to build Mr. George's house, then managing the Bridge to Biloxi project in October 2006. Under his technical leadership, Hands On was able to prepare three houses for the Guiding Light team in early 2007. For the rest of the year, Eddie trained a team of AmeriCorps members dedicated to building homes along the Gulf Coast. When he left, 12 houses had been completely rebuilt.

The trio of Brian, Sheli, and Eddie shaped the Hands On Gulf Coast construction program into what it is today. They set high standards for craftmanship, quality, and attention to detail, which AmeriCorps construction members always strived to meet.

Thank you to each of you for your contribution to Hands On Gulf Coast and to the broader Gulf Coast community. Best of luck in your next endeavors and see you around Biloxi.

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jeff said...

Eddie,mad props!great show.Doing the good wrok.Great to see it.Keep it all up bro.

Jeff Pandolfe