Saturday, February 02, 2008

1st Annual Mardi Gras Bed Race

This past Saturday, Hands On Gulf Coast participated in the 1st Annual, Mardi Gras Bed Race. It was an event sponsored by Walmart to raise money for the Salvation Army.

We fielded two teams on 200lb metal beds supplied by the Salvation Army. The beds were decorated in typical Hands On fashion, last minute and with ever was available. One bed had the sign, "Be Bold, Fight Mold". The other had me in it, holding onto some sort of strange bed parasol we found in the Spin Cycle.

The race itself was hillarious. There were all sorts of contraptions. Sprint, Keesler, the Police, the Firemen, and about a dozen other groups had a bed in the race. One of the cooler ones was from Landon Building (?). They built a home on a frame. The Air Force guys from Keesler had a well-designed bed with a bar designed to maximize the ease of pushing.

A couple groups hadn't hired the services of an engineer, so their beds fell apart mid-race. The troopers wound up carrying the pieces over the finish line.

Though we didn't win for being the fastest, we certainly did win for being the most spirited. Between the chant,
    When I say Hands On, you say 'Gulf Coast' ...
    Hands On! ... Gulf Coast!!
    Hands On!! ... Gulf Coast!! ....
repeated ad nauseum and "Be Bold! ... Fight Mold!! Be Bold! Fight Mold!!" there was little chance for anyone else to win.

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday morning. Also a special thanks to Amanda and Fletcher who sat at a table with maccaroni and string to keep kids entertained on the Town Green. Here's to next year's winning team.

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