Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I went to New York City to see a screening of the Guiding Light episode that's about their week in Biloxi. Talk about awesome. First, I spent the morning in the Hungarian Pastry Shop geeking out with an Excel spreadsheet, coming through HOGC's finances. Then I moseyed over to another cafe where I talked shop regarding the AmeriCorps program and the opportunity to really affect the public health landscape through some strategic partnerships with the Children's Health Fund and Coastal Family Health Center.

After a few phone calls, I wandered the three miles from my hotel to the CBS studio where I got to see an advance screening of the 70th anniversary episode of Guiding Light that airs today (14 Feb). I don't have words to describe the episode. It's sincere in it's portrayal of the destruction, despair, fun, and hope that you find along the Gulf Coast.

The episode focuses on the cast as they experience the life of a typical Hands On Gulf Coast volunteer. The experience of helping Ro, Ms. Gerda, or Ms. Ethel touched them in a way that has transformed them. Ellen Wheeler did a fantastic job capturing the honest emotions of the cast members. I almost cried and I live the experience every day.

I wish I were with the building crew to see the show. I want to see their faces and hear the comments as the episode unfolds. Perhaps next time Guiding Light comes down.

I'm happy I came to NYC, though. I got to chat with cast and crew members I didn't get to chat with in Biloxi. It was my opportunity to connect a little with the folks who bonded with Luc, Eddie, Sheli, Brian, and the rest of the gang.

Many props to the building folks, admin folks, and support folks who made the endeavor such a smashing success. Many thanks to Guiding Light for rebuilding three residents' homes.

:: Chris ::

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Lisa said...

I just watched the episode and am moved to tears. Finally someone has captured so beautifully the power of service and its multiple dimensions. The HOGC team is truly amazing and the spirit and integrity with which the work gets done is unparalleled. Thank you for giving light to all that we do.