Friday, February 09, 2007

Building Empire Update 5

We've got no short term volunteers because of a staff training/regrouping period so its pure long termer sweat these days. In short, here's whats crackin at the houses:
Mannings: Michelle and Mike are leading hanging gypsum boards in the neglected rooms. Progress is steady and will drastically speed once the walls are hung. Rock on.
Curry's: Woody and George are heading up leveling out the floors in Deub's absentia (vacation) and have made big progress in resheeting the exterior walls. This place has been a huge endeavor. Its nice.
Gerda's: Dr. A and Dr. B have finished mudding and are shooting texture currently. Paint's on the horizon.
George's: Hitting the floors hard the past week. Tile and Carpet in. Robyn rocked the tile. Its pretty. Pretty pretty. Dave Perez is a diamond and has hooked us up. Hardwood floors, hanging doors, and baseboards tommorow. Save 1 little spot, the exterior is finished. Huge efforts from The Streaker and Marge. The end is within sight. Oh its beautiful.

Here's some Mr. George pictures:

Deubs, come home. Eddy is back with a crew boss truck. Mike is leaving soon and we will miss him something aweful. The Empire strikes daily!

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Nora Maeve McCready said...

Chicago Cares contingency on it's way. I'm Nora, a teacher in Chicago, heading down with Chicago Cares to team up with Hands On, hope to meet your crew and look forward to a quick but effective trip.
We arrive on Valentine's Day! See you then.