Thursday, January 18, 2007

Building Empire Update 3

The Building Empire has been busting
it seriously for the past 9 days at the Manning house. The floors and trim are underway with walls hung, mudded, and painted. It was a new level of effort and coordination that's been successful thus far. We're shaping up nice for the arrival of our dramatic friends from the north. They seem cool, but on TV its just one tragedy after another. Hopefully the visit will go smoother than their lives. (on tv)

Here's some photos from the big Manning house push.
1. Celebrity guest Dr. G-Mo instructing the freshies on how to keep it reeeaaaalll.

2. House mud wizard on the national syndicate hot seat and LOVING IT!

3. Mystery picture of the week. Any correct guesses gets you a free trip to the spin cycle to watch an old Ice Cream Josh DVD, Rambo or sumthin. 4. No, its not snowin' inside silly heads, we're in Southern Mississippi. Thats sheetrock mud. Gee Whiz.


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