Sunday, January 07, 2007

Building Empire Update 2

If you've been getting all your information from this blog about what's going on, let this attempt to catch you up.
On the 22nd of January, 88 folks from the soap opera Guiding Light including 24 "stars" and 30 "camera people" are coming down to work for a week and film. They are promoting volunteerism. We dig volunteering. Master ochestration by our fearless and brilliant leaders Sheli of Sheli City and King Edward the 11th.
The Building Empire is currently preparing 3 homes to be in various stages of finishing: Framing at Ms. Ethel's, Sheetrock at Ms. Gerda's, and finishing work at the Mannings. Guiding Light is providing the cash, we are providing the skillz and the sweat.
Please be advised we are heading into some serious business in the next 3 weeks. This first picture is a little hint of the level of vestment we've been vesting. Pictured: Framing prodigy Brian Deubert. Note the envisioned stare. Project: Framing Ms. Ethel's. Questions? Please comment.

The other pictures are from Mr. Georges, house. (No soap opera connection but still sweeeet.)

Pictured: UVM master mud painters.
Segundo: THE unphaseable, multitalented, charismatic Michelle Hamburger, ripping through fiber cement for kitchen tile underlayment.
Tercero: Not only do we build beautiful houses for free, we have cute puppies.
Sincerely, Finish Team Amanda and Luc

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Noelle said...

You guys ROCK. Thanks again for an amazing week. Working with you all at the Manning house was a blast. Can't wait to follow your progress with all of your projects. Peace.