Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Preparations

We have been watching the developments of Hurricane Gustav closely.  For those of you interested in what we plan to do, please read below:
  • Hands On Gulf Coast staff and AmeriCorps members will work with the Red Cross of South Mississippi to run evacuation shelters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  • Hands On Gulf Coast is on call with Harrison County Emergency Management post-storm for debris removal duty.
  • Hands On Gulf Coast is on desk to assist in the management of unaffiliated volunteers who might come to the area to help with storm damage.
  • Hands On Gulf Coast is in communication with Hands On New Orleans.  Depending on the severity of damage and where the most need is, Hands On Gulf Coast staff and AmeriCorps members may help with New Orleans recovery efforts.
If you are interested in coming down to volunteer after Hurricane Gustav passes, please call before you arrive.  Given the commitments to local emergency agencies and potentially to Hands On New Orleans, we need to provide you with the most current information regarding capacity and greatest need.

The phone number to contact is still: 228.257.6094.

We will continue to post information about our activities on this site.  Also, check out the Gustav Updates (via Twitter) in the right-hand column of the blog and on our Twitter site:

Let's continue to hope Hurricane Gustav weakens, or at minimum fails to strengthen before it arrives on the Gulf Coast.


Jules said...

Chris and team,
Greetings and wishes for safety from Northern California, where "Team Autodesk 2006-2007" anxiously await to hear news of how East Biloxi holds up.
(And good God - is Doug still there???)

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Collin and I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A group of students and I were hoping to go on a service trip over this winter break. We wanted to see what kind of opportunities were available in your area. The trip would probably be in the early weeks of January and there could be anywhere from 10-15 of us. We are a group of hardworking and motivated college students looking for positive ways we can contrubute. Right now we do not have preferences to what activities we do but we have taken four trips to the gulf coast for hurricane relief and do have experience in this area. I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

Collin Reeser
University of Illinois- undergrad