Saturday, December 02, 2006

A few hours in East Biloxi

I was finally able to tear myself away from the desk where I had sat for most of the week, sorting through electronic paperwork, formating files, preparing reports, and crunching numbers. I was exhausted, staying up until midnight most nights this week. You know, that's just the way it is.

I had promised the Falcon earlier in the week that I would come take photos of her cast. She's directing a children's theater production of A Christmas Carol. I had completely forgotten about this commitment, and was vexed on Saturday when she reminded me. Dang, that means I have to leave my number crunching ...

Actually, I was itching for a reason to get out of the building and a commitment to take photos was the best reason. Because the Biloxi Little Theater is right next to Mr. George's house on Lee St., I stopped in to see how the dry wall hanging was going. Luc was leading a crew of folks installing some dry wall on the ceiling, in the bathroom, and the utility room. Yeah, more drywall. It's great to see Mr. George's house moving along. He finally passed all his rough-in inspections ...

Moving from the serene symphony of measure, cut, sand down, try to place, bang on, remove, sand down, look discouraged, try to place again, and apply more banging until you have a good fit that is the process of hanging drywall, I went into the chaos of little children unleashed on Hands On volunteers. Saturday is apparently the day that the kids have found a boundless well of energy ...

I took my photos, most of which turned out poorly because of the light in the theater, my lack of experience working in bad light, and not having a good flash. Still, I think we got a couple keepers for the press release.

All I have to say .... Falcon, Ali (NCCC), and Ali (AmeriCorps), yall are saints for working with the kids. It's not that the kids are bad. It's just that the kids have so much energy, it's amazing that yall can keep up with them. I certainly could not do your job. Hats off! I'm excited to see the show.

I left to check out the Mr. George's again. The day was almost done. Luc and I were chatting and Luc saw it ... the little piggie. Yes, folks, on Lee St., across from Mr. George's house, there was a little black piggie oinking about. So cute. Naturally Luc tried to catch it. He ran after it, dropping his tool belt in the neighbor's yard.

I jogged after them trying to get a photo. The pig was smart and wouldn't let itself get cornered. Sorry, Luc, you had no chance against the wiley piglet. The funniest part of the chase was when Luc shouted at a group of kids playing near the Yankee Stadium, "Quick kids!!! Help me catch the pig!!!" One kid replied, "I ain't nevuh seen a pig."

Ahhhh ... an afternoon in East Biloxi. Dry wall, kids on stage, and pigs on the street. Does life get more diverse?

:: Chris ::

P.S. Luc, you made the blog, what do I get? :)
P.P.S. If you look hard at the photo, you might notice that it's been edited. That was to make it fit a little better on the screen. The pig really was there, just talk to Luc.


Hannah said...

Hey guys, this is Hannah (of the Mel&Hannah duo). I just wanted to say that to all of you who are still down there, I envy you with every bone in my body. I read the HOGC blog religiously and sometimes have a hard time justifying why I am not still there. Until you step out of that situation and work a job that is lacking in the areas of warmth, social impact, diversity, and general compassion then you have no idea what you still have. I have a salary, but still count the hours until the day ends and dread the days ahead. Luckily, I will be going to Ecuador in January for 4 months to improve my spanish and learn to build, S. American style. I hope to return to Biloxi when i get back because not a day goes by that I dont think about the area, the people, and the work being done. As you all know, NOTHING can ever take the place of a job that challenges you, forces you to grow, and gives back to others free of charge. I also know that this is a romanticized version of reality down there, but we all know that what is going on is something wonderful and that you are all wonderful people. I wish i could be there to take part in the building process and to watch the play. I wish that I could have spent my Thanksgiving there again and I still crave Le Bakery Po'boys numerous times a week. Please don't every forget to take a breather, but remember what a gift you have given yourself and other by being there. Until i see you again in Biloxi, be safe, have fun, rebuild well. -Hannah

edwelz said...

I see the latest photos posted on the web site are Nov.8th. When will this be updated?
I'd like to see the progress on Mr. George's house.
Thanks, Edwelz

Hands On Gulf Coast said...

picture dude, need a picture

edwelz said...

edwelz said...

Great Report! How about a photo update for the site? We all know how many words a picture speaks.
I'd like to see the progress on Mr. George's house. The most recent photos date Nov. 8th.
Thank you, Edwelz

edwelz said...

Good job! Can you update the photos on the HOGC site?

edwelz said...

Nice report! Could you please update the photos on the HOGC website? I'd particularly likr to see the progress on Mr. Georges house.
Merry Christmas to all!