Friday, August 04, 2006

When a Puppy Becomes a Dog...

How do they decide when a "tropical depression" becomes a cyclone / hurricane?

Some fundamentalists argue that a hurricane is a hurricane from the first moments of it's development. Others argue that the attainment of a certain, arbitrarily-set windspeed is required. Both definitions are problematic. In the first case, how can one know, in the early stages, if a the original storm will develop into a hurricane at all? In the latter case, suppose a tropical depression becomes a hurricane, and then becomes a tropical depression, and then again a hurricane-- it seems like these could be considered two hurricanes. Also, suppose the windspeed happens to be fluctuating right near the arbitrarily-set windspeed category boundry, a hurricane could become a tropical depression an vice versa thousands of times.

In any event, the "Chris" storm is, well... disappointing. I mean, I want to see some ravaging. I can't help it; we spend all this time being pitted against hurricanes, it's sad to see our foes turn out to be so fragile, so "almost human."

I recorded the last open mic. I anticipate adding a link to it below, but was slapped with technical difficulties resulting in the file being 3-6 times too large, meaning upload time would have been increased by the same ratio. Similiarly, I made the sweet Brad Pitt Portable Home-- the solution to protecting one's homes from a hurricane (patent pending)-- image but accidentally shrunk it. Anyway, the idea was that one could bring their house with them; escaping with only the clothes on your back won't necessarily be the cause for need of disaster relief in the future.

So, apparently the Rolling Stones are more musically talented than Prokofiev; lyricly, getting not what one wants but trying sometimes and finding that needs are met is lightyears beyond-- intellectually speaking-- the aesthetics of Prokofiev's most well-known work, one of the best known symphonies of all times.....

Right.... I suppose maybe Britney Spears is about on par with Mozart....

I wonder if the new movie night is going to yield the conclusion that In the Army Now is better than Kurosawa's Ran. Some-- perhaps, in fact, many-- people are just not so bright. My life struggle is to not let this fact make me bitterly upset.

I don't know how to hyperlink, but cut and paste the link below into your browser address bar for a detailed analysis of the piece I nominated for Dr G's music tourney.

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